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Quality Auto Transport At Affordable Rates

Auto Transport Rates knows how tough it can be to make a decision on which company to hire when looking for auto transport. Making the right decision should be something that is simple to do and will ensure your vehicle will be safe and secure during shipment.

When you hire a company to move your vehicle it should be based on services and quality yet many people choose a transporter based solely on cheaper rates. This can be something that can be dangerous for your vehicle in the long run. There are many companies that will lowball their customers on auto transport rates and then find that they are not able to locate a carrier that will work for the low rates offered to the customer. In cases such as this, the company will begin to add fees onto the rate they quoted and the customer’s vehicle may wind up sitting in an unsecure shipping terminal or on the side of the road for long periods of time waiting on a carrier to be scheduled.

Auto Transport Rates offers the best, and lowest rates in the auto shipping industry and we back our rates up with high quality carrier services that are unparalleled to others in the business. We thrive on knowing our customers have complete satisfaction with the services we provide and we stand by our word when we give a quote and schedule auto transport.


What We Offer:

  • Nationwide Door to Door Auto Transport
  • Affordable Rates Worldwide
  • Open and Enclosed Auto Transport Options
  • Classic Car Shipping
  • Motorcycle Shipping
  • Fully Insured Auto Transport
  • Complete Client Satisfaction


Ensuring Quality Standards for Auto Transport


The staff at Auto Transport Rates works hard to ensure that we provide the highest quality transport at the most affordable rates in the industry to all of our clients. In order to guarantee safe and secure auto transport we recommend that our clients keep a few things in mind when scheduling auto transport:


  • Reducing the Risk of Damage- While damage seldom occurs with auto transport, it is best to be as safe as possible when shipping a car. Asking to have your vehicle top loaded will lower the risk to the car during shipment.
  • Reviews and Testimonials- We encourage our clients to check company reviews not only for our company but for the carriers that we work with nationwide. We believe in absolute transparency and have even included testimonials from our own clients here on the site.
  • No Surprises with Rates- There are many companies that will quote a rate that does not include all of the services you may need. We believe in giving a fully accurate rate that includes all services that you need and never having a client surprised when they receive their bill for auto transport.
  • On Time Pickup and Delivery- In order to avoid delays with having a vehicle picked up or delivered, we suggest that our clients contact us at least 2 to 4 weeks prior to the date the vehicle needs to be picked up. This allows time to have a reliable carrier scheduled to pick the vehicle up and make sure it is delivered on time.


Ready for Secure Auto Transport?

When you are ready to schedule your vehicle for auto transport to locations nationwide, you can fill out the simple and free online quote form or you may call a representative for answers to your transport questions and to get the lowest rates in the auto transport industry for secure, high quality auto shipping.